In B&B Elfida two cultures merge together.
We are a Belgian Turkish couple who after some consideration have chosen to live in Turkey.
As a Belgian I lost my heart to the city where my husband grew up.

Bursa is a vibrant city with a great diversity of experiences.
We want our customers to enjoy everything Bursa has to offer.
We have been dreaming of a B&B for years and now we can let our clients enjoy the extensive culture that Bursa has to offer.

The vibrant city life is in stark contrast to the beautiful nature where you can fully unwind.
We also have the luxury that the coastal towns and ski areas a stone’s throw away from our B&B!

Bursa is a super versatile city that is not yet known to the European traveller.
B&B Elfida offers 4 rooms 1 suite, 1 family room and 2 double rooms.
Our extensive breakfast offers local products as well as homemade products and the more famous European breakfast ingredients in short something for everyone.

We offer within our concept planned day tours that will be adapted to the season.
We hope to offer our customers a holiday that is as unique as possible.
And we hope we will leave our customers with a wonderfull memory.

Team Elfida